SteriFuse™ DBM Crunch 2.50cc Syringe


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SteriFuse™ Crunch Putty will have the following features:

  • 1-2mm
  • Made from 100% Demineralized human bone – nothing added that may get in the way of bone healing
  • Osteoconductive – DBM provides an ideal scaffold that directs and supports
  • Bone formation
  • Osteoinductive – the osteoinductive potential of DBM is well established
  • Excellent handling characteristics – will shape and conform to fill unique
  • Bony voids – retains shape and will not wash away or migrate with lavage
  • Easy storage and use – stores at ambient room temperature and ready for immediate use; no prep time or reconstitution required
  • Sterile – gamma irradiated to SAL 10(-6)
  • Donor recovery and screening performed according to AATB and FDA guidelines
  • SteriFuse Crunch consists of SteriFuse™ DBM putty with cortical cancellous bone chips


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