SteriSorb Cube Compressible Bone Allografts 8 x 8 x 8 mm


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100% cancellous bone that is compressible, has wicking characteristics, and maintains the biocompatibility of human bone. A new solution for “tight space” bone voids, which assumes characteristics of a sponge by absorbing saline, blood, or bone marrow aspirate. The graft compresses to 1/2 its original size (or less) then expands back to its former size to secure a better fit. This gives the surgeon more flexibility, decreases surgery time, reduces the potential for migration, and eliminates the leaching commonly seen with puttys and gels. Encourages excellent osteoconductivity and promotes rapid vascularization of the allograft to incorporate the recipient’s natural bone growth factors and stimulate new bone growth. Such rehydration of bone implants has been discussed in the literature for years (Mulliken, Ann. Surg., 1981), but only recently has
technology allowed us to commercially produce such an innovative solution. SteriSorb™ is sterilized with the GraftShield™ process for improved allograft safety.

Source: Proximal and distal ends of long bones, ilium, femoral head, calcaneus or talus

Preservation Method: Lyophilized
Containers must be stored at ambient temperature.

Common Surgical Applications: Spinal fusion and general orthopaedic surgeries; dental reconstruction surgeries – any application where a flexible bone void filler will aid the surgical process.



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