Synoss Putty 1.0cc


  • Carbonate apatite plus Type I collagen.
  • Moldable putty upon hydration.
  • Osteoconductive, 3‐dimensional structure for bone forming cells.
  • Mineral particles are contained within the defect site.
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SynOss™ Putty Synthetic Mineral‐Collagen Composite 11mm x 10.5mm / 1cc – Synthetic Mineral-Collagen Composite Bone Graft Matrix with an additional characteristic that enables it to become moldable putty upon hydration. For use in oral surgical applications involving bone repair and for the filling of periodontal defects in conjunction with products intended for Guided Tissue Regeneration and Guided Bone Regeneration. Osteoconductive.

SynOss Putty is calcium phosphate based mineral with a carbonate apatite structure similar to natural bone combined with Type I collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon. The mineral particles are dispersed within collagen fibers forming a 3‐dimensional matrix. It is supplied dry and forms a moldable putty upon hydration. It is fully resorbed during the natural process of bone formation and remodeling. Clinical studies of similar bone graft materials have shown improved results when used in conjunction with a barrier membrane1 such as MatrixDerm, MatrixDerm Cap, MatrixDerm EXT, or MatrixMem Regenerative Collagen Dental Membranes.


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